The kids are wearing red and white to school, hearts are on display wherever you look and there’s a general feeling of ‘love’ in the air.  My hubby and I were out for dinner on Saturday and I mentioned when we left that I had never seen so many couples holding hands across the table in a restaurant.

Here’s a bit of a different perspective.  Give a listen…

Clicky clicky (from minute 7:06 – 9:12)*

So to my lover, (who is also my husband, just to be clear)  not only do I like you right now but I love you, not in the american/western culture sense of the word, but in the hebrew ways of ahava, raaya and dode.


* I tried to be all techy and just edit the section for you to listen to but when I couldn’t figure it out after 10 minutes I gave up as I knew it would take all day.  And while I want you guys to listen to it – I don’t care in an “all day” sort of way.


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