Chore Chart Chalkboard: DIY

I’ve always tried to be the chart kind of mom.  I want to be very clear to my children as to what’s expected of them and really help them to succeed.  Problem is, I’m not that organized!  I’ve tried printing charts on my computer each week and then they check them off as the week goes along.  It’s usually all fine and dandy for a couple of weeks but then we get busy or run out of printer paper or ink and the system gets all messed up.

The other day I had nearly had it with my 3 munchkins.  I had asked (in plenty of time) if they were all ready for school.  “Yes!”  a chorus of boys yelled back at me.  So 10 minutes later when I announced that it was time to walk out the door there was a flurry of sock finding, teeth brushing, mitten searching and library book scrounging.  They clearly were NOT ready to go!

After I ranted all the way to school about how many years we’d been doing this and how on earth could they say they were ready for school if they didn’t even have socks on, I decided it was time to get back to the list.  We’ve been off of it all school year and we need it.  Oh, we need it!

So I came up with this little idea for a chart.  

I went to the local thrift store and bought a frame that I liked the shape and size of.  I completely ignored the fact that it was a hideous green.  I also disregarded the cross stitch that was inside of it.  I was trying to see beyond these aesthetics.  I then headed to walmart and bought two cans of spray paint.  One gloss black and one of chalkboard paint.

When I got home I took the frame apart and sprayed the glass with chalkboard paint.  It dries super fast and only took 2 coats to fully cover.

I then sprayed the frame with the gloss black.  Again, 2 coats.

Once everything was dry I put the frame back together (sans cross stitch) and then wrote the upstairs morning duties on the board.  I propped it on the bathroom counter, which is the hub of activity on school mornings and now there will be no excuses or confusion as to what needs to be done.

It turned out just the way I wanted!   Let’s hope it works!


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