What if we had nothing day

My son had an interesting idea today.  He decided that one day next week we should have a day where we seemingly have nothing.  In his words, “we should come home, do our homework and then not be allowed to play with any of our toys.  We should just have to go outside and figure something out with nothing.”


“And then at bedtime we should just take our pillow and blanket and sleep on the floor in the hall like we don’t even have a room or a bed.”

That might be taking it too far but I liked where his heart was coming from.  We’ve talked a lot lately in our house about how rich we are in comparison to the rest of the world.  We have everything we could ever want and more!  Sometimes we’re even overwhelmed with too many choices in food or clothing or what to play with.  We’ve  talked at length about how many children live both in different parts of the world and right here in our town.  Not everyone has a PS3 or hockey equipment or even brothers.  We are blessed with so much and yet still we grumble.  We grumble that dinner isn’t our favourite or that brother A got more computer time than brother B.  We grumble about whose turn it is to pick up the dog’s poop (that ones mostly from me!  I did it last time!!)  And we grumble over not having proper leg pads for hockey. (though we do have a blocker, a catcher, a net, many sticks and pucks….you get the point.)

Tonight as I was tucking my oldest son cozily into bed and asking him the same questions I do most days, things like, “What would you change about today if you could?”  and “How can we use that information to improve tomorrow.”  It was during this time that he shared with me his idea for what if we had nothing day.  It’s not perfect.  We are simply pretending.  But I think his heart is in the right place.

I’m just debating whether I should feed them only rice all day long…


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