My Life: a photo a day

when: february 9, 2011
where: somewhere between Lynden and Bellingham.
what: scrap metal. I’ve realized that in this season of my life I do my best and most praying when I drive. on the way to school each morning I pray in the truck with the boys and after I drop them off I pray on my travels throughout the day. I like being able to talk out loud to God and not have anyone hear me. Today I just felt like I needed some good solid pray time so I just drove. I ended up in Bellingham so I had coffee, read and took some pictures. This was one of them. This morning I felt a bit like a junk yard that had been hoarding up things for far too long inside. After casting all of my worries, selfishness, fears and doubts to Jesus through prayer I feel a bit like Jesus is the giant bin in the photo. He’s ready to take all of my crap off of me and heap it onto Himself so that my load is lighter. I am so SO thankful for that!
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