My Life: a photo a day

when:  january 31, 2011

where:  on the stove

what:  questionably,  dinner.  so, here’s the thing – every now and then I get on these ridiculous health kicks.  todays was – the kids don’t eat enough broccoli!  To be fair, they eat plenty of fruit and vegetables – they even don’t mind broccoli.  today I just decided they needed more.  sooooo….i had this brilliant idea.  i filled the entire blender with broccoli and blended it up.  i thought it would be a perfect addition to dinner.  it was flourescent green, like something you might see trailing after an alien in a movie.  i fried up some ground beef for spaghetti sauce and then added this slightly terrifying green liquid to the frying pan bit by bit and let it be absorbed by the meat.  at the point that i was taking this picture i seriously thought that the entire thing was going into the garbage and I snapped this just to show my husband why we didn’t have any dinner.  it was this – or nothing.  but with great determination i kept at it.  sure enough, it all cooked in and now i had what looked like rancid meat – you know with that slightly green tinge!  Yum!  I added the rest of the ingredients for the sauce  and would you believe (I didn’t!) that by the end it looked like perfectly normal spaghetti sauce!  and the best part?  noone had a clue!  my family devoured dinner and were perfectly content.  until i showed them this picture….



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