It was interesting lying in bed last night and watching Anderson Cooper 360 with my husband because as we saw the atrocity that is the streets of Cairo right now he could say, “I’ve been there.  I’ve walked right there.”  Most fascinating to me was that he stated, “I was there when nothing like this was going on and yet walking down that very street I remember thinking – how does this place not collapse in on itself?”

An already slightly anarchist society at the best of times where power rules now in the midst of mass riots.  I can only imagine what the Christians in the land must feel.

Are they questioning where God is?  Are they angry?  Do they have peace knowing that even this is in His hands?  Are they praying with great pleas?  Are they hiding their children?  Are they taking care of their neighbours and the wounded?

Would you pray with me today for the people of Egypt?  The Christians – that they would not be shaken in their faith but that they would be strengthened by God to do what He has called them to in this time.  Those who don’t know Jesus – that they may know Him.  If not today then in the days to come.

And may we magnify the name of God together knowing that He is sovereign over all!


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