My Life: a photo a day

when:  january 23, 2011

where:  home, to church, to watch Voyage of the Dawntreader and back home again

what:  a snippet of my outfit.  i wanted to document it because that white lacy part is actually my grad dress.  how it was a dress, i’m unsure.  but it was.  I knew it was short back then but I didn’t know it was THAT short!  It’s been hanging in my closet for the past 14 1/2 years and for some reason I decided to put it on this morning.  I’ve always loved it.  I just wasn’t sure how I could ever wear it again.  I threw it on over wide leg jeans with my super high clogs, belted it and tossed a mustard cardigan over top.  i loved wearing it again!  (and I got a great reaction from earl.  the last time he saw me in this dress was when he was dropping me off at my grad banquet in my dad’s corvette.  he wasn’t allowed to come with me cause he had already graduated. boo!)


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