I believe

I believe in love.  I believe that being kind will get you a long way.  I believe in living simply.  I believe in family.  I believe in reading.  I believe that hot chocolate can solve many of life’s problems.  I believe in sleep.  I believe we need sunshine.  I believe that kissing is a sign of a healthy marriage.  I believe that eating together with friends is a lost art that should make a come back.  I believe in the “pop-by”.  I believe in bleach.  I believe in touch.  I believe that music can affect our moods for the good or bad.  I believe in clean.  I believe that puddles were made to be jumped in.  I believe in imperfection.  I believe in laughter.  I believe that everyone has something to offer.  I believe that dancing makes our home more fun.  I believe in community.  I believe in good lighting.  I believe in flat sheets and high thread counts.  I believe that if you look at your bank statement you can tell what you treasure.  I believe that converse are the coolest shoes no matter how flat they are.  I believe each breath is a gift.  I believe that some days you should be allowed to be grumpy without explanation.  I believe that the 90’s were a strange phenomenon. I believe that pastors wives have the hardest job in the world.  I believe in homemade.  I believe in encouraging each other.  I believe in balance.  I believe in taking risks.  I believe that you are never to old to do what you love.  I believe that this is our 40 years.  I believe  that rainbows are the sign of a covenant.  I believe that conversation while washing dishes is some of the best.  I believe you get what you pay for.  I believe in creativity.  I believe that there is nothing new under the sun.  I believe that life is a bit like a box of chocolates.  I believe in honesty.  I believe that peace is a state of your heart not your surroundings.  I believe in not taking yourself too seriously.  I believe in modesty.  I believe in not cooking on friday nights.  I believe that jammy days are essential from time to time.  I believe that prayers are answered.  I believe that movies were made to put me to sleep.  I believe that there is a plan.

what do you believe?


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