My Life: a photo a day

when:  january 19, 2011

where:  on my run

what:  a church sign.  (deep breath)  now, to my readers, I feel it only fair to warn  you that I have a rant building in me and so if you want you may just leave now.  I wouldn’t blame you if you did.  I’d leave to if I could but problem is I can’t just walk out on my own mind.  Can I?  I’m pretty sure they have places for people who do.  Here goes…

There are many MANY things that bother me about the above photo.  First of all, and least importantly, I took the shot on a bit of an angle.  That bugs me.  But not near as much as the words.  “Christ will find you”.

The last time I checked God was omniscient.   For those of you who don’t know that word – it means all-knowing.  You can even look it up to verify.  So if God is all-knowing there is no need for Him to find you.  It’s not like we’re caught up in some cosmic game of hide and seek.   If He is all knowing do they seriously think we can dodge God, maybe in some bar, cause heaven knows he wouldn’t go in there,   and because we’re out of His realm He just can’t seem to place His finger on where we are?  Maybe that’s why he allowed GPS to be invented!  He needed that bit of help.

My bible pretty clearly states that God knitted me together in my mama’s womb and if He could see me in there then I’m pretty sure He knows where I am now.

Quite frankly, if God has to “look” for me then I’m pretty sure He’s not big enough to actually be called God.  If I’m going to submit my life to someone then He better darn well know what’s going on in the world – the who’s, what’s, where’s, and why’s.

Are they trying to say, perhaps, that the found are those sitting in the pews of their church?  Is it some sort of threat to the outside world?  Perhaps they see God as a panther sitting up in a tree just waiting, oh so quietly, until He can pounce!  Aha!  Gotcha!  (sinister laugh)

I contend that church signs are hazardous to the church itself.  I know that people got saved, by God’s grace, in the 80’s and if that can happen then He can use church signs as well but I haven’t heard one person say that the sign out front of the church was what lured them in.

Rather I hear mocking and taunting at the ridiculousness of such signs.  And with good reason!  Even a passage of scripture doesn’t work on these signs because apart from the context surrounding them they are so open to vague interpretation.

My plea is that we stop the signs!  Because we all know what’s missing from Ch__ch.  U R!


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