I mentioned the other day that I had started running again.  I’m what you might call a seasonal runner.  Or to say it another way, I’m a wimp.  I don’t like the cold.  My muscles ache, my lungs feel like they might explode and my ears hurt when I run in the cold so I tend to keep my training between May and September when it’s nice and warm and I don’t have to layer up!

I was at my peak running ability 2 years ago when I did my longest run of about 13 km.

And then I quit.  Cause it got a little chilly.

motion shot while I was running.  look how fast I go!

Now maybe it’s just me but I find it so hard to start up again.  I think about the 13 km.  I know I can’t just pick up and run that again.  I need to start again with aching muscles and slow runs.  It’s frustrating.

I was inspired to start early this year by my friend, Lara, whom I’ve mentioned on here before.  She’s running her first half marathon in about a month and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  I read a post on her blog the other day regarding her running and it said that her first run was just 6 laps around the park.  It made me marvel at what one can accomplish.  From six laps around the park to a half marathon?!  Hello!  That, my friends, is inspiring.

So, as I tend to do, I set the bar low for myself not wanting to fail in my first few weeks.  I decided that I would run twice  a week for 20 minutes – no matter how far (or not far) that got me.  Well, try as I may to have low standards for myself I still failed.  I did one and a half runs my first week.  To be fair I forgot to put a toque on for my 1/2 run and my ears were really hurting!  So I wandered home contemplating the cracks in the sidewalk.

Sunday I woke up early while the rest of the fam was still nestled all snug in their beds (while visions of me making them waffles was surely in their heads).  But I didn’t.  It was fairly warm.  It wasn’t raining.  I knew that this could be the day.  I laced up my shoes and ran.  I found my groove.  It was coming back.  I didn’t even have to stop and walk.  Of course, as providence might have it while I was at my furthest point from home it started to pour.  But at that point I didn’t care so much.

I ran 6 1/2 km and I felt great!  So it has begun.  My training.  For nothing.  Other than to feel a bit better.  A bit stronger.  And to be able to eat more cookies and still have my jeans fit.

Oh, and a great big shout out and smooch to my beloved husband who found me the greatest app.  It’s called Runkeeper Pro.  It keeps track of your times, your routes, your distance and then puts it all on a snazzy little website so you can chart your progress.  Best part?  It’s free from now until the end of the month!  

Disclaimer:  I am in no way sponsored by RunKeeper Pro.  I do not get any benefits from sharing with you about their product.  I also do not get a portion of the proceeds if you download the free app.

5 thoughts on “Training

  1. I’m with Vigrx. 😉 Congratulations! I always find the hardest part is the starting. And now it’s all cake and ice cream from here on in! 🙂


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