Just My Sharpie and Me: DIY

I never, in a bazillion years, would have guessed that I would have a do-it-yourself post on here!  Mostly because I don’t do things myself!  I tend to come up with ideas and then get other people to implement them for me.  Like when I wanted a certain style of benches to go with my kitchen table.  I had the design I wanted but then pawned the work off on someone so much more capable.  (thanks, honey!!)  Or the time I bought a pink coat with missing buttons.   I knew the coat could be fabulous but it needed a little something-something.  The something was big, printed fabric covered buttons.  Good idea?  I thought so.  How to do it?  No clue.  (Thanks, Jeanette!!)

See how I work?

Rewind approximately 8 months.  I’m in a jewelry store and see a pair of earrings that I LOVE.  almost.  The design was perfect.  But they were super shiny.  They were cheap so I bought them thinking they’d be fine.  Turns out I just couldn’t get over the shine.  The super, blinding, sheen of them made them look cheap to me so they sat in my jewelry box hidden away from the world.

Until this morning!  Lo and behold I brought the earrings out of hiding and had (what I like to call)  a brilliant idea.  I could get rid of some of that shine!  I knew just how to do it.

Unfortunately I don’t have the before picture of them (see previous post on corrupt files) but I did retake a shot of the back of them so that you could see just how bright they were.

I then dug through that drawer in the kitchen that houses everything from calculators to old dog tags to paper clips to sharpies!  I grabbed my tool of choice.

I took the sharpie and just started coloring the front side of my earrings.  I started by just going around the edge and and the upper textured pieces but as I started to see what I liked I continued to colour down into each groove.

Once I had coloured in all of the spots I could I grabbed my trusty sidekick.  These!

I used the kleenex to rub some of the black off of my earrings.  The outcome?  A perfectly shineless earring that has more dimension that it once did.  I almost think it makes them look a bit vintage.



4 thoughts on “Just My Sharpie and Me: DIY

  1. when i do my silver stamping for my jewelry i always use a sharpie and a tissue! it works great with silver…. not so much with nickel. ahhaha. oh well right?


  2. I think I’ve been wearing them every day since! I’m not a big earring girl but I really love these.

    I think this might just be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between me and my black sharpie. Like a toddler I keep thinking of other things I can colour on that I really shouldn’t be!


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