It’s time.

I know I’ve mentioned it on here numerous times but I will again.  We currently reside in the home that I grew up in since I was 7.  My dad and company built the house twenty some odd years ago and I very clearly remember the first night we slept here.  There was no furniture anywhere but all of us kids decided it was time.  I had my blanket and pillow on the floor of my empty room.  I didn’t care.  It was new and it was mine!  Over the course of my years living here my brothers and I swapped rooms a number of times.  Usually when my parents were out of town and we all decided it was a good idea.  It never lasted long and we’d end up swapping back (usually when mom intervened) but it means that I had housed my belongings in every bedroom in the house except for the Master Bedroom.

Well, that has changed!  Almost 2 years ago my parents asked us if we would move in to their house.  We were living in an apartment that, while we loved it, the people below us didn’t love our children so it made the living circumstances quite tense.  My parents spent good chunks of the winter down south soaking up the sun so it only made sense to have someone in the house while they were gone.  They wanted to be gone more and more so they had proposed to us that they put a suite into the basement for themselves for the times that they were here, we take over the upstairs and we share the main floor.

It took awhile to implement the plan.  We had our place to sell.  Details needed to be worked out.

Then the circumstances changed.  My dad got really sick.  When it seemed that he wasn’t going to be coming home from the hospital we started to just sleep here so that my mom wouldn’t be alone.  We brought over our suitcases of stuff and just started inhabiting the guest rooms.  As more stuff came over it got a little chaotic and cramped but when you’re in ‘survival’ mode in every facet of life you just make stuff work!

The deal on our apartment was official on the day my dad died.  We knew that this was none other than God’s perfect timing.  We were now to move in with my mom.  The circumstances would be different than originally planned but so obviously meant to be.

We had to be out of our place in 3 weeks which made packing and moving a little bit silly.  We crammed the contents of our home into an already full home and storage.  It’s now been 8 months and while we’re settled in and (somewhat) organized we have yet to make the space “ours”.

The upstairs is completely our area and while our furniture is here I haven’t taken any measure to decorate or really make the space cozy for us.

I think what was halting me originally was that the paint colour was fine so I decided to leave it.  However, over the course of time I’ve realized that while it’s fine it’s just not what I would choose.  I also think, because we don’t have any clue how long we’ll be here for, I’m hesitant to put to much time and energy into decorating.  But after a mini meltdown earlier in the week I decided that it’s time.  I need to make our space ours.  To make it feel like home.  To make it full of the things that we love.  Paint colour.  Bed frame.  Lamp shades.  Curtains.  Photos on the wall.  Oh, how I miss my photos on the wall.

So this is my start.  I’ve decided in my head that I’m going to do it and I am scouring magazines and blogs to find things that I love.  I’m starting with paint colour.  I already know what my heart is craving but I want to be sure.  So for the next while you’ll see design posts on here.  Share with me what you love.  What you hate.  What has worked for you in the past or what you’ve found looks great in magazines but never turns out the way you want it.

This is my bedroom redecorating journey.  This is not a strong point for me, I assure you!  Please help!!

Be sure to check back for my photo of the day today which is the paint colours of each room upstairs!  Also, I’ll post some before shots of the bedroom so you can watch my progress!  I’m so excited!!


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