My Life: a photo a day

when:  december 28, 2010

where:  disneyland

what:  my littlest guy sitting under the most gigantic christmas tree we have ever seen with his newly acquired best friend.  he was tired.  his legs hurt.  he had gone non-stop from the wee hours of the morning until now.  he just couldn’t walk anymore.  (and this is what we call a vacation?!?)  the two of us decided to just sit on the curb and enjoy the christmas fantasy parade one more time so that we wouldn’t have to move.  when it was over there was still time to wait before we met up with the others.  we slowly meandered in and out of a few stores on Main St.  it was then that he spied Mickey.  a Mickey that was unlike all the other Mickey’s on display.  (though to you and I they would have looked exactly the same)  but to him, this was his Mickey.  he picked it up.  looked at it.  hugged it.  looked up at me and then put it back.  what’s a mom to do?  it had to be his.  he has packed it everywhere with him during the day and snuggled with him every night since.  if you ask him, he would say that this Mickey is special.  “why”, you say?  ask him and he’ll whisper, “because he has a little bit of magic in him.”  i think he just might too.


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