a photo a day: November Review

I started my photo-a-day project a few days into November and to be completely honest, I missed a few days along the way. There were at least a handful of days that I just forgot to take a picture!

I’ve gotten better with this in December, which is what I wanted with these 2 months before I dive into a whole year of photos.  I think I’ve remembered to do a picture every day in December so far.  I’ve gotten better at labeling my photo right away and I’m going to size it for a review like this right away as well because at the end of next year I want to do up a print of the entire year in little squares like this one.  If I do it month by month it’ll be so much easier to compile at the end.

The thing that’s cool about this is, while I know it was only a month ago, each of the shots from november take me exactly to the day it was taken.  I remember what I did, who I was with and why I took that specific shot.  In time, this may fade.  But the photos?  They’ll last forever!

Anyone joining me for a photo-a-day challenge in 2011?


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