My Life: a photo a day

when:  december 17, 2010

where:  the clayburn village candy store

what:  a few of the treats I picked up to fill stockings with.  I just knew that our favourite little candy store would be able to help me out when I wanted to find some Harry Potter candies for the boys stocking.  I was looking for chocolate frogs, which they had, and they even come with a wizard card!  the boys are going to love them.  plus, they had Professor Dumbledoor’s favourite sherbet lemon drops, those crazy flavoured jelly beans, sugar mice and fudge flies!  While I was their I also grabbed some of the boys favourite chocolate bars – curly wurly’s – which you can’t find anywhere.  These were introduced to us by an aunt who visited London and brough them back.  Yummers!!


2 thoughts on “My Life: a photo a day

  1. Just wanted you to know that – because of you and this post – the JoyKids also received curlywurlys and chocolate frogs in their stockings. {I only wish I’d glanced at the price tag on the latter item before I, in a gesture of extreme Christmas and Rhonda-induced bonne-homme, zipped flamboyantly into the candy store! Yikes!}

    They loved the cool trading cards, though. And thank you, beautiful girl, for the lovely Christmas card. You can expect your New Years card, only a very little bit late, in thankful return.


  2. What did your kids think of the Curly Wurly’s? We LOVE them! And if you ever get bored of eating them just plain you should try freezing them and then cracking them on top of a scoop of ice cream. Delish!!

    Like you, I also didn’t look at the price of what I was buying. I did load up on candies for the boys stockings and also some treats for all of my nephews but when the bill came to $32 I sort of winced and paid up. I still don’t know the price of the chocolate frogs but let’s just say they’ll be a luxury in this home – not a staple!


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