Today I’m Thankful…

  • that my oldest son has taken on the job of making sure the fire keeps going while daddy’s at work.  This afternoon I heard the sound of chopping in the garage and there he was with the axe, splitting wood to fill the fireplace so that we stay warm.  so thankful.
  • that I have a job that does not require an ounce of my thought or attention the second I walk out the door.  so when I’m home with my  family, I’m able to be very present.  thankful.
  • that Lara takes such amazing photos so that when I’ve left making a christmas card until much later than the last minute, it’s simple.  Her photos make it easy.  they’re beautiful and now our card is too.
  • that our home is not any bigger.  keeping this baby clean is a full time job!
  • that there are only 11 more days until it’s Christmas Eve.  I love Christmas Eve.  The anticipation of the next morning.  The carols sung at church.  How easily the kids go to bed knowing that they can wake up at the crack of dawn to open gifts.  The magical feeling that on a night, such as this, a baby was born to a precious young girl and her fiance and that they were brave.  so brave. I’m  so thankful.

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