My Life: a photo a day

when:  december 7, 2010

where:  Home Sense

what:  a canvas that was for sale.  i thought it was a motto a lot more people out christmas shopping should have.  it would make for less elbowing, bumping and being bashed in the heels with shopping carts.

p.s. in case you thought I was running into people with my cart.  I wasn’t.  I would never do anything like that.  I just turn and grin at the too-close-line-stander and then take a step forward.  they usually follow with a step forward as well not getting at all that i’m vying for a little more personal space.  then, the second  time when they bump me (cause you know they will) i bump back at just the right time because I’m expecting it and then they actually notice and think they bumped me really hard.  they apologize profusely.  of course I tell them it’s no big deal.  (it is!)  and then I say, “it happens”  (to people who don’t know how to line up!!) and then I hope they’ve learned their lesson and will  forever leave more space as I walk away wincing and rubbing my heel.  (i don’t!  but that’d be funny!!)

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