It’s a word I fear.  I don’t know why.  I never had known addicts around me growing up to cause any sort of paranoia in me (that I remember!)  But the thought of being addicted to something – anything! – freaks me out.

Once a year or so I go through the process of weaning myself off of my morning coffee just to make sure I’ m okay without it.  I’ll let days (and sometimes weeks) pass without checking some of my favourite websites to be sure that I can still breathe without them.  I’ll even leave my phone at home sometimes (sorry honey!!)  so that I don’t feel  bogged down by having to answer it’s every blip and ring.

I know what you’re thinking.  All of this is well and good.  But what’s she really trying to say?  Well, dear friends (all 7 of you!)  I just want you to know that I am fully admitting my addiction.  My name is Rhonda and I am addicted to eggnog.

I know what you’re thinking.  Oh pul-ease!  It’s just eggnog!  Stop being so dramatic.  But perhaps I should explain a little further.

Each year I don’t allow myself to buy any for at home and I nearly have to avoid starbucks so as to not give in to the dreaded eggnog latte before December 1st.  But this year I caved.  It was barely the 15th of November and I did it.  I placed my order for the creamy, the scrumptious, the amazing drink!  And after I gulped it back licking every last morsel out of the cup I drove straight for the grocery store where I just happened to meander by the dairy section.  Oh!  Eggnog!  You temptress.  There you stood just beckoning me to buy you.  And buy you I did.

In fact, by December 1st I had already finished an entire carton.  By myself!  Did I mention I’m the only one in my family that likes it?  Which is really a good thing because I fear for the person who dare touch, or heaven forbid, finish off my carton!

I have all of the classic symptoms.  I always have a stash.  I have a plan as to how and when the stash will be consumed.  I try to pass by starbucks but my vehicle just starts veering in as if on its own and then I have to order something!  I make excuses for my consumption.  (i’m not really addicted.  I just like it.  It’s Christmas.  It’s not like I can drink it all year.  I don’t have that much, really.  Just a bit here and there.  I can quit anytime.  Oh did those kids want some?  Sorry.  THEY CAN’T!)  And worst of all, I don’t even care that my jeans don’t fit quite right from all of the eggnog I’ve consumed.  I’m blaming it on the Christmas baking that I haven’t even baked (or eaten!)

I need help.


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