1)  I was in Whistler for the entire weekend with 18 beautifully silly girls.  They’re also my friends.  And my co-workers.  How many of you can say you’d like to stay in a gigantic house with 18 of your co-workers?  I’m lucky like that.   Confession:  2 nights of staying up past midnight and I am crazy tireeeeeeeee (sorry, fell asleep for  a second there)

2)  I do have a backlog of photos of the day to get up but that is not happening right now.  Confession:  I thought about cheating on a photo of the day cause I like 2 of my sunday pictures better than my saturday one.  But I won’t.  I’m a horrible liar.  I get all “stare them in the eye.  don’t look away.  liars look away!”  And then my eyes start to get all big and buggy from staring you in the eye and then they water and you wonder what my problem is.  It’s just so much easier to tell the truth.  Plus, it keeps my mascara in tact!

3)  I have a mountain of laundry that I should really be tackling today.  Confession:  I’m crawling straight into bed when I finish this post and I couldn’t really care less that it’s 11:40. (am)

4)  I’ve given up on Monday meal planning.  I just stopped and meals have become more hectic and I’m always stressed about what I’m going to make but for some reason I can’t get back into the groove of doing a big plan.  Confession:  for the past month my weeks meal plans have looked exactly the same.  It included spaghetti, tacos, chicken,  and soup.  That’s all.  I’m on a cops rotation of 4 days on, 4 days off and I am not brave enough to ask my family if they’ve enjoyed their meals.  I’ve just been doing lots of “we need to be thankful for what we have” speeches.  But really, at this point i’m not even thankful for spaghetti, tacos, chicken or soup!

5)  I’m almost done Christmas shopping!  Jealous?  Confession:  I only had to buy for 4 people. Not because I’m grinch like (though I do marvel at his clever scheme-i-ness) but for a much sunnier reason.

whew.  I feel much better.  g’night!


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