Just for interest sake

People will often say that their whole lives flashed before their eyes after they experienced a traumatic event. Perhaps it’s a bit morbid, but we think that sounds pretty incredible.

When Taylor McKnight started taking a photo a day on January 1st, 2004, he never imagined the project would not only serve as a way to remember a year, but also help him understand what was important to him in his life.


That’s an excerpt from  a little article on someone else who did a photo a day.   I like his tips and hows and why’s.

See the full meal deal here.

p.s.  I’m realizing very quickly that the phone pictures aren’t going to cut it.  I’m going to have at the very least my point and shoot with me more often.  Phone will have to be for ‘last resort’ shots!  I find myself consistently wishing I had taken the shot with my better camera, better lighting, and so on.  This is why I did the trial month.  Live and learn, baby!

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