Home away from home

A few random times a year our family packs up and heads to Seattle for the weekend.  It is such a great city.  We love the laid back vibe, the good places to eat, the various districts to wander through, the shopping, the playing, the starbucks every where you turn!  We headed off this past weekend for some good ol’ family time.  Here are some pics:

A few more with my sunglass filter:


A bit of shopping:

The coolest park with random things to sit in, twirl on, zip through and glide over:

This blue of a sky called for some time at the beach:

One day I’ll make a list of our fave places to go in case you ever want to spend the weekend too!


3 thoughts on “Home away from home

  1. we were just here this weekend, too! just trev and i, though. where do you like to stay? we were in the bellevue sheraton this time – for the shopping. i hate the shopping, but i love the clothes! if you stay there (or the westin) you get a FREE hundred dollar gift card PER NIGHT for use at the mall there, which i think is a pretty fab deal.


  2. A free hundred dollars? Hello?! Sign me up!

    We always stay at the Embassy in Bellevue mostly because it has a great pool for the kids, free drinks in the evening and a lovely cooked to order breakfast all included in the price of the room. We also love Bellevue Square – the Lego store in particular!

    I can’t wait to see what you bought!


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