Digging Deeper

I’m not a huge fan of small talk.  Probably because I’m not very good at it.  I so envy those people who can just chit chat away with anyone without ever having those awkward moments.  It’s just not me.

I like to find out about people.   I think I’m more like an interrogator than a chit chatter.  I love hearing what’s going on in people’s lives, why they’ve made the decisions they have, what they’re afraid of or what they’ve overcome.  More about the how’s and why’s of the journey, I guess, than what sort of cookies you ate along the way.  Make sense?

Thankfully I have me some amazing girlfriends and they know I’m like this and the great thing is – so are they!   We all decided very early on that our time together was not going to be spent recipe-swapping but that if we were going to hang out it was because the time we were investing was going to be challenging and well worth investing in.

So we ask each other hard questions.  We challenge ideals.  We dig deep, so to speak.

I found these questions one day, oh, probably 4 years ago if not more and I’ve had them on the desktop of my computer ever since.  They’re questions I’ll got to from time to time both to ask myself and to ask my girlfriends.

I thought I should share them cause they’re just that good.  Think about them!  I dare you!

1)  Describe your current practice of the spiritual disciplines.  (I always try to kid myself on this one.  Don’t bother!  Honesty is more beneficial.)

2)  What is a passage of scripture you have been meditating on lately?

3)  What fruit of the Spirit are you cultivating?

4)  What sin are you seeking to weaken?

Try them out on your girlfriends!  It’ll be fun, I promise!


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