My Life: a photo a day

I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile now – taking a photo each day for a year. I  haven’t ever tried for a few reasons.  1)  My good camera is really big which means I can’t always take it with me 2) I always have my point and shoot with me but it eats through batteries so fast that it’s often dead  3)  It’s another thing to do!

Most of the time I really like my life, though.  I’m (mostly) content with where I am and what I do.  I’d like to try, for various reasons, to see what a year of my life looks like in pictures.  I’m really digging the chronicling of it on here but sometimes a picture speaks even better than my many, many words.  At the end of the year the plan is to make a photobook of all of the images.

So the plan is really to start in 2011 but I decided I should have a trial month and see if I really want to commit.  Oh, and the reason I can actually do this now is cause I have an iphone that’s always with me and (i’m choking on my words here) takes half decent photos!

Happy November! (2nd)

and two more just for fun:



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