if the shoe fits…

Shortly after I posted my little rant about the eleven year old yesterday I started having these little pangs in my heart.  Then I had justification.  Then more pangs.  It’s as though they were conversing with each other on my insides.  It went a little something like this.

pang 1:  “I shouldn’t have spoken ill of him.”

justification 1:  “But, he really is acting weird.”

pang 2:  “I called my son an alien on the internet.  I’m a horrible mother!”

justification 2:  “It’s likely just other mothers that read your blog anyways.  They’ll totally get it!”

pang 3:  “How would he feel if he saw what I wrote?”

justification 3:  “pfft.  He won’t!!”

And then it hit me.  Not the justification, silly.  It doesn’t have hands.  But if it did I’m pretty sure it would have walked right up to me and cuffed me on the head.

The hit:  “He feels exactly the same way about me!”

I’m pretty sure my son thinks I’m an alien right now too.  Where we’ve always got along before, now we’re not so much.  Where we could once talk things through, now I’m not making any sense to him.  In fact, if he had a blog (which he had better not!)  I think he would have posted about how he thought his mom was from Mars.  Well, that and about how lame he thinks Justin Beiber is. Hey!  Something we agree on!


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