At some point, and I can’t quite put my finger on when, someone must have snatched my dear, sweet little boy away and left me with an eleven year old!  When did that happen?    I’m always so careful at the supermarket.

Because while he looks like a more grown-up version of my son there are a few characteristics that are new and just completely mind-boggling.

I’m quite certain that my son never once grumbled under his breath.  This new child does that.

My son also welcomed his brothers enthusiastically into his room to play.  For this new boy they must be granted permission to enter.

And while I haven’t seen any signs of other alien activity I’m quite sure this boy is from another planet.

I’m not at all sure how one parents an eleven year old.  I normally would have thought in much the same way that you would a boy of 10 but it seems that’s not the case.

This eleven is a whole new playing field.

And oh how the games have begun…



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