Bikram Yoga: part IV

I know I said I was done with the yoga chatter around here but after the weekend I have a few more things to say.

First off, I love my husband a lot.  Second, he reads my blog.  Third,  he has opinions about my blog.  Fourth, he sees things with greater perspective that I ever will.  Fifth, he reads more than I do.  (I never thought I’d say those words…) And lastly, he has a lot of wisdom about him so when he’s got something to say, I (generally) listen!

He came to me over the weekend slightly concerned about my  posts about yoga.  He’s not worried about me doing it because he knows me.  What he is concerned about is me recommending that others go.  People he nor I may no.  (Who are you people who read this blog, anyways?!)

The problem lies in the fact that not all yoga studios are the same.  The one where I live doesn’t (as far as I could tell) practice the spiritual end of yoga.  Which, some would say, means it truly isn’t yoga at all.  I would hate to recommend Bikram to others and then have them go to a class where there is an emphasis on the spiritual aspect.  I’ve read a lot about that since my hubby brought it up and it truly is a scary thing. 

Rather than come up with my own editorial on it I want to refer you to two extremely well written articles regarding Christians and Yoga.  Please read them if you’re considering or practicing yoga at all.  I appreciated them so much!

Yahoo, Yoga and Yours Truly by Albert Mohler

The Gospel is Not Yoga from the Desiring God Blog

And lastly, I want to change my stance.  I am no longer practicing yoga.  I am simply twisting myself into a pretzel or a grasshopper.  Read why here. (#5)


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