New Things

There are some things I just don’t afford myself the luxury of owning because I know myself.  I know that I trip over nothing and drop everything.  No, wait.  I don’t just drop things but tend to send them flying for no apparent reason whatsoever.  (Just a little warning for those of you who may feel inclined to stand too close to me.  I now carry release forms you’ll have to sign which state that you are aware of the very apparent risk.)

The first thing is expensive sunglasses.  While I drool over my friends around me who have beautiful sunglasses that for some reason you can just tell truly block the UV rays from damaging their eyes, I just can’t bring myself to buy any.  Why, you ask?  Reread the first paragraph!  I drop them, scratch them, throw them in and out of any old bag.  I sit on them, step on them, leave them on the stairs for people to trip on.  I’m generally just not very good at taking really good care of them.  I’ve told myself that I need to have a pair go unscratched, dented or maimed in any way for an entire year before I’m allowed to purchase good ones.  I’m 33 and I still have ten dollar jobbies from Zellers.  I purchase them anually.


So too with cell phones.  I have (I kid you not!)  left it in the freezer for a week before finding it, put it through the wash, and hurled it across a parking lot thinking it was my apple core.  I watched it bounce off the concrete 3 times.  Its last segment of torture was to set it on the bumper of my truck, promptly forgetting I had, and then close the trunk.  Let’s just say there isn’t enough of a gap between the trunk and the bumper to house my phone.

However, today I am turning over a new leaf.  I’m trying out a new method.  It’s called, “maybe if you pay enough money for something you’ll actually take care of it!”  I mean, I take pretty darn good care of the clothes that I love and I get downright mean if someone mistakenly puts something of mine in the dryer!   (I’m so sorry precious gray merino wool sweater.  They didn’t mean it!)

So I’m going for it.  I am now an iphone user.  I told the guy at the store straight-up that the precious glass touch screen doesn’t stand a chance with me so I’d like that extra insurance that covers all hurls across parking lots and being dropped in toilets.  He just smiled knowingly.

Now, most importantly – do any of you have any leads on the prettiest, girliest cases for it?  We all know that’s really why I got it….

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