Tales of a Weekend Past

Seeings it’s better-late-than-never week  (you had heard that, had you not?)  I figured I might as well post some fun weekend stories even though the weekend is long past.

I’m such a lucky blessed girl.  I have, hands down, the best  girlfriends in the entire world.  Don’t even try to argue.  You’ll just walk away with your head hung low cause I will win and I don’t want to put you into that position of having to lose.

So, as I was saying – best friends ever.   And once a year we make a point of descending, for an entire weekend, upon some unsuspecting city and do what we do.  What is it that we do, you ask?  Well, we eat really good food.  We follow it up with chocolate.  We drink really yummy beer.  We then cleanse our pallets with some chocolate.  We talk about everything that there possibly is under the sun to talk about.  While we eat chocolate.  We shop.  In between stores (sometimes even in the stores….ssshhh)  we eat chocolate.  We laugh.  We cry.  We eat a lot of chocolate!

I love my friends.  So.  Dang.  Much.

I also love chocolate but I would never use the word dang with it.

Now, of course I can’t share everything about girls weekend because that is highly privileged information but I will share a few of our great insights with just my next closest friends.  You.  The blog-o-sphere!

  • We decided that Zooey Deschanel probably cuts her own bangs and then phones her stylist to fix them just like the rest of us.  (and we don’t care if we’re wrong and you know her and she has never cut her own bangs.  Don’t ruin our ‘she’s just like us’ fantasy!)
  • We decided that one of us needs an iPhone.  I prefer it be me, but whatever.  Thing is, we’re usually with our husbands and we say things like, “What does Apothecary mean?” and they can tell us in about 4 seconds what it means.  We came home with a lot of unanswered nonsense questions, to be sure.
  • We agreed that having young kids (like the under 5 variety) is the busiest season of your life.  3 of us are in that phase.  2 are not.  I’m one of the two.  I like that.
  • We agreed that Gen needs a time limit when we go shopping.
  • We disagreed on botox.
  • We all like our pizza insanely different even though we all said, “Whatever you want.”

‘Cause that’s what good friends do!


3 thoughts on “Tales of a Weekend Past

  1. WHERE did your s-i-l get those boots?! Love them. It looks like you were richly blessed in the way that surely you deserve this weekend, Rhonda! And the boots! Don’t forget the boots!


  2. I’m going to assume you mean, Sarah? The brown boots with the heel? Are those what you’re talking about? Unless you DO mean my s-i-l, I just didn’t think there were any pictures that showed her boots very well.
    Anyways, for the record, My sister in law (with the hat on, sitting on the bench) got her boots from a certain store in Mission which we don’t often announce that we get things from. Rather, we call it The Ghetto. If you need further clarification we’ll speak in person.

    Sarah, however, (beautiful brown boots) does not own those boots. She was trying them on at Buffalo Exchange and while we all thought she should get them she just wasn’t sure. So, they may still be there. Any chance you’re a size 7?


  3. Sarah’s were lovely. Or the boots that are not Sarah’s, rather. But I really did mean your s-i-l. Her boots were of the sort that left me lecturing myself on the wrongness of coveting! Let’s chat about that secret store…


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