Do you remember Edward Scissorhands?

I sometimes feel like I should pinch myself when I drop my boys off at school.  As we turn off the beautiful tree-lined mountain road into the ‘neighbourhood’ you can suddenly tell that something is different here.  And it is.

As we near the school there are uniform clad children running out of their doors and families walking up the sidewalks together.  Our favourite morning is when the gym teacher is at the crosswalk chit-chatting with parents and making sure the children get to their destination safely.  We’re happy that he’s there not because he’s doing such a great job (which he is) but because of the silly names that he has for each of the kids.  It makes them feel special.  It makes me smile.

And while, like every school, it has its problems I really try to see past them for all the good that really is there.  So I’m not saying its perfect.  I’m just saying how very fortunate and thankful we are for it.

I mean, where else can I witness a mom riding up to the school with her children on the coolest red cruiser bike I have ever seen.  (you know who you are!)  And then be invited to hot yoga.  (I’m scared!)  and then end up walking for 45 minutes with another mom chatting about big things because she could just tell that, ‘something was up’.  And she was right.

I mock this place unendingly.  Mostly because I don’t quite get it.  I’m sure psychologists have a term for that.  But also because I love it.  You know how you can make fun of things that you are or love?  So while we don’t live there, and can’t fully claim to ‘get it’, we still take full advantage of all the great things the area has to offer.

I don’t think you can get this just anywhere.  Or at least, I’m going to keep believing that it’s simply my little place on earth of complete lunacy and love.

And if someone mentioned that their neighbour had scissors instead of hands, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised!


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