Over the Weekend

We didn’t go to our regular church on Sunday morning mostly because we were lazy and slept in and it starts early plus is a 30 minute drive away so by the time my coffee was drunk and I had thought about getting out of jammy’s – well, it was just too late.

So, we decided to go with my brother’s fam to their church.  It starts an hour later and is 10 minutes away. Brilliant!

The pastor said something that stuck with me.  He questioned why we only ask God “Why?”  when we’re in the midst of suffering, sadness, loss, or any type of hardship.  He so poignantly stated that we never ask “Why?” of God when we’re doing great!  The reason:  We think we deserve the good things.  When they come to us we finally feel like we’re getting what’s owed us.

This made me think of the things that I have that are so great and that I’ve never questioned.  I don’t want to take these things for granted so I’m asking God, “Why?”  

  • Why does my husband have a job that he loves and that provides for our needs?
  • Why were all of my children born completely healthy?
  • Why do I live in a place where  I can freely worship?
  • Why do I still get to have my Mom alive?
  • Why do I have a husband who adores me?
  • Why do I have amazing friends?

Why God?  Why?!?!  Why would you do this to me?  I just don’t understand…

A bit of a different perspective, huh?


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