On getting dressed

There is absolutely nothing deep or profound about this post so if you’re not into superficiality please feel free to exit stage left.

This is my problem as of late – how on earth do we dress for  the weather we’ve been having!?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s been glorious!  It’s chilly and crisp in the morning and then nice and toasty by mid-afternoon and back to down right cold in the evening.  It really is perfect for fall but my usual perfect-for-fall layers aren’t working!  A simply cardigan isn’t warm enough in the morning and if I go with tights I’m cooking hot by afternoon.  I don’t want to be changing outfits all day long and yet I find myself going from boots to flip-flops and back to boots again!

So this morning came the real cunundrum.  I had to dress for the following schedule without opportunity to change!

  • Drop kiddo’s off at school
  • walk dog
  • meet girlfriend for coffee
  • meet mom at travel agent
  • pick kids up from school
  • head to vancouver
  • smooch husband quickly and leave kids with him
  • head to hair stylist exrtraordinaire
  • race from hair appointment to going away party for friends

Do you get the dilemma?  First off there’s hardly an outfit that is appropriate for all of those occasions without having the weather worry.  What’s a girl to do?

So I went for a simple black and white vintage-inspired dress.  To make it more casual for things like dog-walking, I belted it and threw a cardigan on over top.  I paired it with knee socks and boots for morning but did throw a pair of sandals into the truck.

Do you think this outfit will last me the entire day?!  Here’s to hoping….


One thought on “On getting dressed

  1. Glad to find another local blogger!
    I’m from Vancouver and I know EXACTLY how you feel.
    What happened to you, happened to me this past Wednesday.
    I was frozen in the morning, I actually used the heated seats for the first time since May. I go to class for a few hours and by the afternoon it was SO HOT! Because I started class in the morning I was dressed like I was heading to the Artic while everyone else who started in the afternoon looked like they were ready for the beach. It was an awful experience.
    I think I’m going to wear THICK cardigans with leggings and boots. However, I’ll have a nice tank underneath if it gets too hot. Because a cute tank with leggings and boots is in between. If that’s still too hot for you, I would just pack a pair of jean shorts in the trunk. After all, boots and shorts look super cute and the season shift between summer and fall is probably the only time we could pull off that look in Vancouver.
    Nice post, when I started reading it, my first thought was she must be from Vancouver where the weather is wild.


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