A little one who has just learned to crawl and can now actually make it to that toy she wants.

Telling an eight your old boy that they can choose any one thing in the best candy store ever.

Running on a clear spring morning after days and days of rain.

Staying up way too late to watch a movie and having it be completely fine because there’s nothing to get up for the next morning.

What pictures do you have of freedom?

Thing about freedom, and subsequently all of my examples above, is that it seems that we can’t know freedom without knowing what it’s like to not be free.  So for instance, when Earl and I were just married we had an incredible amount of freedom.  Our time, outside of our jobs, was ours to do with what we wanted.  Catch a movie?  Sure.  Meet friends for dinner last minute?  No problem.  Hop in the car and drive to Seattle for a weekend?  Yes.  Please!

We had (within reason, but certainly good enough for two 20 something’s) financial freedom.  If I wanted a new pair of shoes or earl wanted a new piece of hockey equipment we didn’t give it a whole lot of thought.  We just bought them.

So fast forward 13 years and the picture is a little different.  We’ve added 3 munchkins and a dog to the mix and we’ve gone down to just one of us working full time.  Changes the freedom a little bit.  Our time is no longer ours to use however we please.  There is now homework to be helped with, meals to be prepped, puppy training to do, track events to attend, and classrooms to volunteer in.  There is time spent together reading great literature (scaredy squirrel, anyone?!), playing games, chit chatting, skateboarding, and all along the way there are teaching moments where we talk and talk and talk.   All of which, for the record, I wouldn’t give up for anything!

However, without all of those things I wouldn’t recognize the absolute freedom that I have today now that the kidlets are back in school!  Here I sit in  my favourite chair, smell of coffee wafting, sound of keys clicking and I feel very free.  My time, for the moment, is mine!

Stick with me.  I do have a point.

13 years ago I didn’t recognize my time as being free.  It just was.  But now that most of my time is not free, I so quickly recognize moments of freedom.  Follow?

All of this to say, we are born as sinners, slaves to our selfish desires and to our lust of the flesh.   I’ve sometimes thought how odd it is that a great and glorious God would have us come into the world in this way.   But because He is much wiser than I, I’ve decided to trust Him on it.  Well, that and the fact that there’s not a whole lot I can do about it.

This morning I’ve had a picture though, of why we may be born this way.  In the same way that I feel freedom right now because much of my time is not, how much more can we experience and rejoice in the freedom knowing Christ brings because we’ve not always had it.

Conclusion?  We can’t know freedom without knowing what it’s like to not be free.  So, because we’ve not been free we can know it so much more incredibly!

And that’s all for today.


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