The ‘hood

About 4 months ago we moved back into my old neighbourhood.  In fact, back into the very house that my family moved to when I was just a little gaffer of seven years old.  Random fact – I was the youngest child in my family when I moved into this house and my youngest son is seven too. I love that!

I have been so thankful so many different times over the past 4 months for this new area we inhabit.   The house.  The backyard.  The dead end street out front.  The church yard at the end of the street whose parking lot we can overtake with bikes and skateboards.  The people who live around us.  All of it.  I’m so thankful.

These are a few of the things I’ve been especially thankful for in the past few days:

  • At times our life is like a flashback in time.  The other day, as I was being a perfectly 50’s housewife complete with slippers on my feet and oven mitts on my hands I looked out the kitchen window as I was transferring cookies from pan to cooling rack to see my husband sitting out in the yard in a big red wooden chair.  He had his pipe in hand, dog at his feet and my son in a chair next to him.  They were obviously conversing about something very important.  Things like Star Wars movies, the art of mastering a truck grind or which Michael Jackson song is the best.
  • There aren’t a great number of children on the street but for that reason the ones that are here stick together.   There is always a gang of them out front doing boyish type things.  In fact,  currently there are 6 boys on my front lawn laying on their backs with their mouths wide open hoping to catch rain drops so they don’t have to stop their play to come in for a drink of water.
  • In the past month we have come home to a bucket of fresh picked blueberries on the front step as well as had cookies delivered while they were still warm.  Plus, the cookies were on an actual plate.  Not a paper one.  And that means a lot!

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