I just had a moment.  You know those times where you just feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  It can happen for a number of different reasons but this one was a parenting moment.  It made all of the hard work and home made cooking pay off.  It only lasted a moment but it’ll keep me kneading and whisking and walking around with flour on my clothes for a good while!

My son has a friend over.  As I look out the kitchen window I can see them  jumping off the edge of the trampoline with open umbrellas, a la mary poppins, to see if they can sail down.  That’s almost cause for another moment but I’ll get to the point.

Not 5 minutes ago my son came running in with his friend and said, “Mom!  Do we have any cookies?”  I always have a stash in the freezer so I told them to give me a few minutes and I’d get some out.  As they were walking  back out the patio door I saw my  son lean over to his friend and state, “You have to have one of my mom’s cookies.  She makes the best cookies in the world.”

I’m feeling a tiny bit giddy!  Off to get the cookies out….


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