If you even know what a vcr is…

You know how your mom never knew how to program the vcr?  Well, mine didn’t anyways.  The time would never be set properly on it and so trying to get it set up to record a favourite show (21 Jumpstreet – oh yeah!) was nearly impossible.  I can’t imagine why it was so hard but at the time I certainly didn’t know how to do it and mom never did either.

When I had my first couple o’ kidlets I vowed that I would never become “the mom who doesn’t know how to program the vcr”.

I did well for the first while.  Computer – check.  Cell phone – check.  ipod – check.  flickr account way before yahoo bought them out – oh yes.  Blog – mm hmm.  texting capability – 100%.   Built my own website and basic html code knowledge – check and double check.

So I here I was, staying hip, talkin’ the talk, workin’ the screens feelin’ pretty on the level with the cool kids.  and then.  and then?  And then the world got ridiculous!!

There came myspace and facebook and twitter (none of you care what I’m doing hour to hour I can guar.an.tee!)  And then ipods with touch screens and macs with intel processors and PSP’s and DSi’s and HDtv and iphones with apps-a-plenty and video chatting capabilities.  I mean seriously!  Can we stop the madness?!

This is the stuff that I use to watch on The Jetsons and think was so futuristic and cool!

And here it is.  Right before me.  And I don’t know how to use it.  I am the mom who doesn’t know how to program the vcr.  And I’m not sure I’m okay with that.


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