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I just discovered this lovely online magazine hailing from Australia.  It’s geared for littler people than I currently have but I couldn’t stop looking, nonetheless.

The photos are beautiful, the little trinkets and kids room decor charming, the “mom” stuff is actually cool and it all comes across in a very simple and fun way.  It’s by far the only kid-geared magazine that I would actually feel cool sitting and reading in an airport – y’know, if I was actually going somewhere.

And if someone asked, “what magazine is that?”  I wouldn’t slouch down a little and murmer, “Oh, just a kids magazine”  But I’d probably become quite smug, show them the front cover and say nonchalantly, “Oh this?  It’s Papier Mache.  Have you not heard of it?”

Check it out.  You’ll be glad you did.

Papier Mache Home Page

Papier Mache blog


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