Over the Weekend

Hey Everyone!  How was your weekend?  Can you feel in the air that it’s almost back-to-school time?  I totally can and it resulted in me wearing cardigans (my fall favourite!!) in the early mornings and then again in the evening once the sun started to go down.  Love it!!

We had a pretty fabulous weekend, although very busy.  But it was that good busy, y’know?  Most of it resulted from a surprise that we had planned for our kids on Saturday afternoon.  The surprise looks something like this:

Meet Chipper.  Apparently he is now our pet.  The boys keep referring to him as another member of our family and calling me his mommy.  I’m quick to assure them that a dog, while lovely, is not my child and I am not his mommy!  His mommy is a dog named Hershey.  I am his owner.  Something completely different altogether!

Of course, as I’m the one who avoids him the most he’s most fond of me.  Why do animals do that?  The boys, however,  are loving him!  I don’t know who tires who out more.  They all run and play and chase each other and then collapse on the ground in a heap.

We’ve never had a puppy before and therefore have never trained a puppy so this is completely new territory for us.  He came with a lot of instructions, which is fabulous, and a lot of paraphanalia in the form of stuffies, squeaky type toys and little blue bags.  I’ve also quickly learned that, much like those early baby days with my boys, I am now up at the crack of dawn.  Somebody please assure me that they learn to sleep in as they get older!?

We’ve also quickly noticed that people now see us as “puppy people.”   When we’re out for a walk or even just in the yard with him strangers will come visit  and feel the need to share about every puppy they’ve ever had and mention breeds like I should know what they mean.  I don’t.  I didn’t even know what type of dog ours was other than cute!  (He’s 3/4 Shih Tzu 1/4 Bichon for you puppy type!)

Here’s what I do know.  My slippers don’t stand a chance….


4 thoughts on “Over the Weekend

  1. Wow! You are a brave, lovely mama! I’ve always wanted to be *that* mom who embraced this life for the sake of her children, but so far it seems I just can’t…quite…do…it. I’ll be watching you carefully to see how do-able it is and won’t tell my children about Chipper in the meantime! Congratulations to the whole fam.


  2. Awww, Chipper is adorable! Congratulations! I grew up with dogs and always thought I would have to always have one, but until my kids can walk and clean up after one, I think I’ll hold off. Buuuuut, your boys are the perfect age!!


  3. Rhonda, I still remember the day I first met your family. You came into our house, and within a few moments there was one boy up on the coffee table and one on the couch – literally screaming!!! I didn’t know they were so scared of dogs, but they were absolutely terrified of Doug.

    Congratulations, you’ve now come full circle! I know it’s a big sacrifice for you, but I’m so excited for the boys. And just so you know – they do start to sleep in as long as you want them to . . . it just takes a few short months.


  4. Thankfully 5 days in and we’re all still quite enchanted with the little beast! People keep telling me I’m brave but I don’t really feel that way. I’m wondering what there is to come that I should brace myself for!

    Oh Jeanette, I remember the day! How funny was that?! It took a good long time to talk them down but now they love Doug! We’ve definitely come a long way.


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