When they love what you love

There are moments, as a parent, that melt your heart.  When your baby first smiles at you or the “i love you, mom’s” even in front of their friends at school.  These moments are sweet and tender.

There’s also another end to this spectrum that, while as equally sweet and heart melting, is really a bit more superficial.

A few months back my middle son who is a whopping 8 years old and has never cared for a second of his life what clothes he puts on in the morning (no you CAN’T wear your swim trunks with a button up shirt!  You just can’t!!) came to me and said, “Mom, I need a pair of shoes.”  “Oh?”  I questioned thinking that his inside shoes at school must be too tight or the gym teacher told him that velcro was no longer acceptable at 8 (I swear I’ll teach him to tie by the time he moves out!)  but alas, this wasn’t the case.  He continued on, “Mom, I need a pair of black high top converse.”

Be still my heart! 

“You know mom, the ones like uncle kevin’s and Craig’s and yours (we’re all 20 some odd years his senior and yet he still wants shoes like ours!)  and Hunters.  But Hunters are red.  I want black.”

Well, naturally I did what any good mother would do.  I searched frantically the next day to find a pair of black high top chucks in his size.  I’m so proud every time he puts them on.


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