Learning New Words

Like most other summers, we’ve spent a decent amount of time at the skate park.  The boys love it there.  They watch the bigger kids do amazing moves and they try and try and try to do the same.

However, apart from the exercise aspect of it there is also the educational value of skateboarding.  What’s that?  You didn’t know that skateboarding broadened your children’s minds?  Oh yes!

My boys, along with ollies and kick flips,  have learned many MANY new words at the skate park.  Some of these from children just a few years their senior and many of them yet to even be found in a dictionary!!

Unlike there school work where I tell them to practice what they’ve learned, discuss it with us to help remember, review the spelling of new words randomly to help them stick in your mind this is completely different.  Instead we tell them that this new vocabulary is not to be used, try to put it out of your mind, don’t review it or practice the spelling at all!  (especially with spray paint on public buildings!)

Alas, they are becoming quite the little skaters.


2 thoughts on “Learning New Words

  1. This is so adorable. I know kev can not wait to have a little skater boy one day. I am sure he will be buying a skateboard for this little girl too. hehe. It’s just so darn cute.


  2. Thanks, Jen! Kev should definitely get her a little skateboard!!
    My oldest got his first skateboard as a gift when he was just born! At 2 he started carpet skateboarding (less injuries) and by 4 he was off!

    I have a long board (again, less injuries) that I ride when I want to get out there with the boys and a little boy came up to me at the skate park the other day and said, “I have never seen a mom skateboard before!”

    I love that I totally showed him that mom’s can skate too!


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