I Love a Bargain

I just received an email from one of my favourite people on the planet with the subject line, “Check it out – this is tres cool!”

She’s just one of those people that, if she sends it to you and says its cool, you immediately click the link!  (and even quicker if she brings another lanquage into it!)

So, I clicked the link and it took me to a website called groupon.com.  Apparently each day they email you a coupon to somewhere or something in your area – ours being Vancouver – but you can sign up for different cities.  She said there are hair salons and restaurants and touristy type things.  All well and good but not things that are just bought every day.

However, today’s was for the Gap!  The deal?  Buy a $25 “groupon” and it is worth $50 of apparel at the Gap.  That’s right.  You did the math correct.  That’s 50% off!  Um – that’s a good deal!  You can even use it on sale items.

I couldn’t help but share (er…after I ran off and purchased mine!)

If you click this link and buy something I think I might even get a credit towards my next coupon or something like that.  So, I’ll agree with Gen on this, check it out – it’s tres cool!

click here for link


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