Snippets of a Wedding

What a wedding!  I normally take my camera to weddings out of obligation but this one was SO fun to take photos at.  I really wished I had my big ol’ camera and not just my little point and shoot with me.  Ah well.

Some moments from the day:

The lovely Joel and Breanna about to get hitched!  Isn’t her dress stunning?!

My big brother and his lovely wife practicing before the bride walks in.

My hottie husband who did the wedding.

The band chills out during the ceremony.

Apparently this is what I look like when I take photos.

The beautiful backyard reception.

They guys all hangin’ out at the reception.

Earl and I being ridiculous and trying to take a picture of ourselves with our dessert.  Pie in a jar!!  Have you ever seen anything so great?!

It was a great day spent with friends watching friends join together in love!


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