Can I Mom? Please?


No – really.  We’ve entered uncharted child territory and I need the help of those of you out there who have children that are older than mine.

My beloved 10 year old proclaimed on Sunday that he would like a face book account.

*insert cringe here*

For the record, I don’t even have a facebook account!  And its not that I’m completely behind on the tech scene or that I’m opposed to facebook as a whole, we’ve just decided that so far, for us as a family, it opens up too many things that are unnecessary without any imminent benefits.

For example,  I don’t feel the need to reconnect with people from my distant past.  The people that I want to be in contact with – I am!  But as a married couple we also don’t need the temptation of finding out what old boyfriends or girlfriends are up to.  We simply decided to not open that up as even a possibility.  And we don’t feel any lack because of it.  So we’ve just easily passed it by, thus far.

Now where children are concerned the dangers terrify me.  I’m not overly concerned with online stalkers though I’m not naive to it either.  What concerns me more are the pop-up ads for some diet drink that host a bikini clad girl!  What 10 year old boys eyes (or 30 year olds, for that matter!) wouldn’t be drawn to that?

So while I don’t want to be unreasonable and down the idea altogether I also don’t want to just open the flood gates and let him dive in!

What have you done with your children?  What have you read on the issue?  Please feel free to offer any sort of advice or knowledge you may have!

2 thoughts on “Can I Mom? Please?

  1. Hi Rhonda, I hear you loud and clear. What we’ve always said to our kids is that even FB requires that they be 13 years old to sign on. You’ll be required to formally lie about your age otherwise. I always choose to lay the blame on other authorities whenever possible so I’m not always the bad guy! Now that J is 13, we’ve allowed her to start an account, but I go on it regularly with her and as with anything else like it, she’s written down all her username/password information for us, if need be. I don’t plan to read all her things, but I like knowing the option is there (& I like her knowing the option’s there). I look forward to reading others’ responses. I’m a newbie with all this too.


  2. I sighed a huge sigh of relief when you told me about the age restriction, Jenn. I LOVE it! I had no idea, especially given the number of very young children that have accounts, that facebook actually had an age restriction.
    Of course I’m not going to let my son formally lie but it also means I have back-up ammo. If FB requires you to be 13 then that means the content of games and advertisements alike is targeting a teenage audience.
    He is NOT a teenager and therefore much of it may be completely inappropriate to him.

    Now – I also KNOW that there are more of you reading this that have older children than I do! Please leave a comment about how your family has dealt with this. We newbies need all the help we can get!!


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