Kids Books

Why The Meanwhile Adventures and The Giggler Treatment, by Roddy Doyle, are now on my list of favourite kids books:

  • If you are an adult and you’ve ever stepped in dog poo – this book gives you the reason why.  It’s a good reason and I’m dying to tell you – but I shouldn’t.  You should read the book!
  • The mom in this series has the most incredible name.  Billie-Jean Fleetwood Mac.   My boys didn’t understand why this was so funny.
  • There is a girl who only  ever says, “Batteries Included” and yet her family always understands exactly what she means.  Of course, the emphasis changes – Batteries Included!!!!  Batteries InCLUded?  Batteries included and included and included and batteries!  The giggles that this brought from my sleepy boys as they lay all tucked in while I read was SO worth every word of it!
  • The Chapter titles.  Here’s a small example:  “This Chapter is Named After My Mother Because She Said I Could Stay Up Late If I Named It After Her, Chapter Mammy Doyle”  followed by, “This Chapter Is Named After My Fridge Because It Keeps All Of My Food Fresh, Chapter Fridge”  and perhaps our very favourite, “A Very Short Chapter To Let You Know How Many Inches Mister Mack’s Foot Was Away From The Poo”.  This Chapter has only one word.  It says, “Two”.
  • The Cream Crackers play a hilarious role even though they are the most boring of any cracker around.
  • It talks a lot about poo which will make any 6-37 year old boy laugh.
  • In our family the gigglers are now utterly real and everywhere that we are.

You really should read it!

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