Just another manic monday…

We headed into Vancouver today to check out this thing the news reporters keep calling The Olympic Vibe. We only live 45 minutes away so we decided it really would be silly to not go and embrace some of the madness.

Here are some of the things we did/said/realized today in no particular order:

  1. We let the boys skip school.  This is really a Fast Family no-no.  It’s really my issue, I know.  I still get a little scared of the teachers!
  2. I rode the West Coast Express for the first time in my life.  Earl rode it for years when he use to work in Vancouver.  It was fun for me.  The stuff of nightmares for him.
  3. Saw the Olympic cauldron with our very own eyes.  I thought it looked awesome on tv!  I was all excited at how beefy and industrial it was.  In real life?  Less impressive.  Kind of like 4 burning tinfoil cigarettes all piled up.
  4. Watched somebody zipline right above my head while I was standing on Robson in front of the art gallery.  That was crazy!  If the line up wasn’t 8 hours long I may have thought about trying it. May have.
  5. Went to Starbucks.  When we walked in I said, “Cool boys!  Look!  Starbucks!”  (cause that’s what we seemed to be saying about everything else…)  Owen looked up at me and said, “Mom, we always go to Starbucks.”  “That’s right honey,”  I stated emphatically.  “Don’t let the Olympics change who you are in your heart!”
  6. Ate at Steamworks.  Yummers!
  7. Rode the Canada line.  I must say it is freakin’ brilliant that you can now get from waterfront station all the way to yaletown by skytrain.  If this is the only perk we get from hosting the Olympics  I say a job well done!
  8. Saw a line up at the art gallery.  I’ve never EVER seen a line up to get in there.  Not that there shouldn’t be.  I wish there was always a line up!  Except on freebie tuesday nights cause that’s when I want to go.
  9. On that note, we realized that we are NOT a line up family which means I don’t think Disneyland is in our future.
  10. Saw the most amazing window displays at Louis Vuitton.  Which I get has nothing to do with the Olympics but whatever.  This is my blog!  I didn’t point it out to Earl or the kids cause I knew they wouldn’t care but I did slow the pace just a touch as we walked by so I could take them all in.  I didn’t take a picture because I thought for sure I’d find one online.  Alas, I can’t.

I’ll put some pictures from our adventures up tomorrow!  Stay tuned…


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