Thank-you Jesus!

My fantabulous sister-in-law was once at a conference in Hawaii where she met some most amazing people (so I’m told).  The stories made me want to meet these people, or maybe it was just because I would have to go to Hawaii to meet them and I like that idea, but I’m pretty sure it was the stories!

She told me of one woman who would just throughout her day say, “thank you, Jesus!”   It didn’t matter if it was because she got a good parking spot or because someone became a christian, she would audibly thank Jesus for all things.  This was inspiring to me because I often say, “Thank-you, Jesus” in my head but to say it out loud?  Brilliant!

So today I say, “Thank-you Jesus for the most glorious sunshine coming in through the windows and the beautiful breeze coming in through every window that is open throughout the house.  Thank-you Jesus for the giggles I hear coming from outside as my boys bounce their day away.  Thank-you Jesus for the smell of fresh buns coming from the oven and thank-you Jesus for this day off of work that I can simply be a mom and enjoy every second of it!”


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