Conversations with Kids

We’ve been all about the Olympics in our house for the past few days.  The boys can’t seem to get enough of watching all of the sporting events.  Much to my surprise they were even into watching figure skating tonight.  They were sure to comment on how weird the girls dresses were and ask why the couple’s skating weren’t married (love that!)  but they ooh’d and aah’d without embarrassment over the spins and throws.

At one point my sweet little 6 year old made such a cute declaration I had to record it here.  (note:  names have been changed for the sake of girl involved who doesn’t know she was involved at all!)

Phoenix:  Mom, I want to figure skate with Jane!

Me:  You mean you want to go ice skating with Jane?

Phoenix:  No.  I mean, when I get bigger I want to do figure skating like that with Jane.

Me:  Oh.  Well, Jane is a very sweet girl who loves Jesus and is a good friend to you.  I’m sure figure skating with her would be great!

Phoenix:  Yeah.  And I think I should marry her.

Me:  (stifling giggles cause you couldn’t script this any better..)  Oh?

Phoenix:  Yeah,  I’d like to marry her mom.  I mean, when I’m bigger and stuff.  Cause (said with that scrunched up thinking face) I just can’t think of anyone else.

And there you have it, folks.  My 6 year old has found his future wife!


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