It’s in the little things {gifts} continued…

It’s Valentines morning and this is a scheduled post because when this goes online I had better still be snuggling in bed with a certain someone. *wink*

As I’ve been thinking over the past few days about some of my favourite gifts that I’ve received from Earl I’ve realized a few things.  I’ll keep them short cause if you’re reading these on Valentine’s morning, shame on you!  But read them and then go snuggle back in bed with the one you love most.

There is a common thread running through all of my most cherished gifts and that is…

1.  They prove Earl’s attentiveness to me.

2.  They show that Earl listens to me when I speak.

3.  They show that Earl knows me even when I may not speak.

4.  They are simple acts that confirm what I know, that he loves me deeply.

5.  They are simple acts that prove his words to me are true.

6.  They reflect the love that he has and knows in Christ and because of this love I, the person closest to him, receive much blessing.

So if Earl can love me this much, be this attentive to me, know me sometimes better than I care to admit and goes to such measures to prove his love – it simply blows my mind to think how much more my heavenly Father is capable of loving me in these ways.  But He is.  And He does.

And for that, I am incredibly thankful!


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