It’s the little things {gifts} continued…

Two moments stand out in my head as my favourite little things that my husband has done for me.  They are both in the form of gifts because, well…he knows I love gifts!  But as you’ll see, it doesn’t have to be an expensive or elaborate gift to make me grin and my heart all a-flutter…

The first one was a number of years ago.  I had been searching for a wooden bead necklace.  Every where we went I would look for just the right one – the beads not too small, nor too big.  All the beads had to be the same size.  It had to sit round around my neck, not a long strand.  And the colour had to be that perfect wooden brown that only I could see in my head.

Little did I know, he could see it too!  My husband use to leave for work at the crack of dawn and turn the coffee pot on as he left so that when I awoke the smell would be enough to get me out of bed and it would be perfectly hot and ready for me as I stumbled into the kitchen.  This one particular morning there was something hanging around the coffee pot.  It was a bead necklace.  The PERFECT bead necklace.  I still don’t know exactly where he found it, but he did.  And he left it for me as a surprise on a random thursday morning.  I love that!

The second gift was equally as perfect!

I was heading out somewhere and when I hopped into my truck there was a bag of candy hanging from the rear view mirror!  I LOVED it!  He knows I love penny candy and it gave me a treat to munch on as I drove off to my location.  I couldn’t help but feel perfectly spoiled the entire way.

What are some special gifts you’ve received that made you feel that soothing calm of knowing that the person who gave it to you, first off – knows you like know other, and secondly, loves you even more!?


2 thoughts on “It’s the little things {gifts} continued…

  1. A friend recently bought me a beautifully knit pair of reading socks, for pete’s sake. I felt so understood. I also don’t value gifts for when they’re ‘supposed’ to come. My husband, too, is astute in knowing when a little something would perfectly bless me. He once sent me on a scavenger hunt that ended in our oven, showcasing a set of Simon and Garfunkle cds. Love that guy.


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