Vancouver 2010

With the Olympics being held in our ‘hood it seems that everywhere is abuzz with Olympic fever, Canada gear, talk of torches and events and the russian figure skaters especially, who are practicing just 5 minutes from our house!

The torch came through here on Sunday and, like everyone else in town, we headed out to the streets to take it in.  Earl’s friend, James Reimer, was running so we went to his “section” and cheered him on.

Phoenix with his Olympic mittens

One thing we thought was really cool for our family was that this was something we got to do as a “first” all together!  Normally the things we do with the kids are things Earl and I have already done and want to share with them.  But none of us had ever seen the Olympic torch before so it was exciting to experience it together, each of us for the very first time!  (and likely the ONLY time!)

Here are a few pics.  It was dark and we forgot the flash for the big camera and you know how I feel about point and shoots – well, these pictures are evidence!  They’re pretty poor but they captured the moment, nonetheless.  Earl took some great video.  I’ll try and get it on here soon.

Our kids are somewhere amidst this gaggle of children.  They were SO excited they actually got to touch the torch! (pre-lighting)

And there you have it!  GO CANADA!!


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