Unstained by the world: continued…

Before diving into this post you may want to read this one to gain a bit of background knowledge.

I ended that post with the question, “Why the sudden shame?”

Here is my answer.

I like to look religious.

Actually, I don’t just like to look religious as though I’m trying to fake something, but I like to be religious.  Meaning, I like to do my morning devotions.  I like to read theological books and discuss them with friends.  I like to teach my children biblical concepts naturally throughout the day.  I like to talk about what spurgeon had to say that morning with my husband.  I like church.  I like to be in church.  I like to sing.  I like to listen to great sermons.  I like to take notes, even.  I like to review these notes and share them here.  (and here)  I like scripture.  I like listening to podcasts from great churches.  I like reading blogs by other christians.  I like to discuss things like living in community, the gifts of the holy spirit, spiritual disciplines, accountability and the sovereignty of God.

So go back with me for a second to the casino.  

The binging of slot machines, the bad band playing cover songs in the ‘nightclub’, the getting-drunker-by-the-minute crowd around me.  This wasn’t a picture of who I am!  At least in my own head.  This was “the world”.  Not me.  I’m religious.  And I like my bible and my life journal.

And then it hit me.  The Pharisees were the religious ones and Jesus had some pretty harsh words for them.  They liked to sit around in their groups and discuss theology.  They liked to be seen as separate from the world.  And so do I. It was then that I realized I was being pharisaical.  But after a second, I was suddenly okay!

Yes, I was once the pastors wife and yes, I was hanging out amongst a bunch of people who were not religious at all – nor did they care to be.  But it seems to me if I recall correctly, that’s where Jesus hung out too.


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